Wednesday, March 2, 2011

From the Tables... ~The Aratusian Exception~

Played an 1850 Capture and Control v. Kings' Mantis Warriors....

In 998.M41 the Lamenters force known as Strike Force Ostro, led by the mad Epistolary Menoloth, encountered a Mantis Warriors
Strike Force while on crusade. The Mantis Warriors were in the midst of their own Pentinent Crusade, and they parlayed on the world of Aratusia IV. While the leader of the Mantis Warriors, Captain Mantodea, had expected to meet a noble and proud Space Marine leader, he instead met with the dark and twisted Menoloth, the man known as the 'Lost One'. Upon observing the Lamenters blade, the daemon sword Walach, Mantodea immediately took exception, and ordered attack on his brethren. What followed was an unexpected and bloody conflict in which the Lamenters routed their estranged brothers in arms.

Devastator Squad Vigo claimed a high vantage point for the battle. In the battles waning moments their krak missles laid low the noble Captain Mantodea.

Ancient Tyrus arrived on the battle via the Stormraven 'Heavenfall', which wrecked a Mantis Warrior Rhino with its missles as it arrived.

Menoloth slaughtered the occupants of the Rhino, while
Ancient Tyrus saw off the Assault Terminators

Assault Squad Volare secured the enemy supply dump and won the battle.

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Nice, dramatic battle shots...