Saturday, June 18, 2011

Khornate Marine Tester #2

With a nice new red scheme this time. I like this one a lot better, what about y'all?


Siph_Horridus said...

Nice touch, the bone accent brightens them up and will be a little different from the masses of black, red and gold/brass.

I love my bone accents on my Relictors.

D'nyarak said...

I think the bone color really sets them off too. I actually have a squad of bezerkers sitting on my painting desk for a long while not knowing what to do with. I'm inspired by your colors and may do something similar. The wear on the blade looks great too.

Zenos said...

I think you need a clash colour that is better than the simple bone. I note your not as bold colouring wise as I am, (I am strictly evy metal 80's clean style... the red and blue of the old ultramarine vehicle approach kinda thing). I would have done black and the clash colour to make them darker and left bone as the accent for leaders and so forth, that said you could do red and brass perhaps too.