Friday, June 10, 2011

AKON List, Consistence equals confidence

Instead of trying to craft some new list, I decided to stick to a tried and true concept which I have performed well with before. I am confident enough in its ability to believe it handles a variety of armies.

Furioso with Blood Talons, Heavy Flamer
Sanguinary Priest w/ Combi -Flamer
10*Assault Marines w/ Power Fist, 2*Meltaguns, Rhino
10*Assault Marines w/ Power Fist, 2*Meltaguns, Rhino
8*Assault Marines w/ Power Fist, Flamer, Rhino
Baal w/ Flamestorm
Baal w/ Flamestorm
Baal w/ Assault cannon, Heavy Bolters
5*Devastators w/ 4*Missle Launchers
5*Devastators w/ 4*Missle Launchers
Stormraven w/ Extra Armour, Multi-melta, Lascannon,


Siph_Horridus said...

Good luck fella. Looks a hard list to beat by my standards anyway, but hey what do I know, I ranked 20 out of 26 at our blogwars in UK last weekend! Ha. Was a blast tho. Hope you have as much fun too.

BoxerSaint said...

Looks like a solid list. Run with what you know. I'm a big fan of your army btw, I love that priest conversion at the top of the post. Every model you post looks awesome.