Saturday, October 22, 2011

Luthor Brax, the Red Ruin, Exalted of Khorne

Warden of the Brass Keep, Sixth Headsman of the Skull Takers,
The Red Ruin

Luthor Brax is one of the many Lesser Champions who heeds the call of the Skull Takers. Almost all of the Skull Takers are original World Eaters veterans, though Luthor Brax is an exception, he was one a Brother of the Marines Exemplar. Though he is much younger than any of the other Champions, his favor with Khorne is strong, as is shown by his fearsome, brass mount.
Brax is said to have battled his way to the heart of Khorne's realm deep in the Warp, in search of the Blood God's favor. Luthor Brax does not represent the butchery and savagery so many of Khorne's followers have embraced. He is a paragon of martial prowess and battlefield honor, awesome and terrifying for his foes to behold.

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