Monday, January 2, 2012

Jonos Craegan, the Skullsworn, Honorblade

The Skullsworn,
Seventh Headsman of the Skull Takers,

Jonos Craegan is another one of the Lesser Champions that pays fealty to the banner of Hans Kho'ren. Before Skalathrax Craegan was Captain of the 9th Company, but his forces were crushed there, and he was forced to join Kho'ren or die. In fealty Craegan proclaimed himself as Skullsworn, his skull promised to one day meet his masters blade. It has been proven that he made the right decision for both parties, time and again on the battlefield.
Craegan bears the sword of a mighty Space Marine hero, perfectly balanced with a formidable reach. He favors the blade, but his companions have taken to calling him by the mocking honorific 'Honorblade' with derision.


jugger said...

Love the colors on this!

daKING said...

you need a much longer hilt for that sword...