Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From the Tables...The Purging of Kasr Sund

So this week I played a 2000 point , Spearhead, three objective Seize Ground mission against Imperial Guard. I used a balanced mechanized list. The opposition was classic MechVets. We ended up with an objective in each or our deployment zones, with the third roughly in the middle. It would be a tough time to get to the objective in the middle of his parking lot, so my objective had to be hold my own and absolutely smash the middle.
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In 731.M39 the planetary governor of the fortress world of Kasr Sund designated himself Chief Magnate of Sund and immediately ceased all payment of Imperial tithes. The High Lords of Terra censured the rebel planet and dispatched the Lamenters to break the command structure of the planet. A Strike Force under the auspices of the Chapters Chief Librarian landed in the heart of the capitol under suppressing firepower from the Battle Barge 'Heart of Fury'. A swift and bloody battle followed, which saw Kasr Sund justly returned to Imperial rule.

My deployment as the Vendettas Scout forward. That solid tower in
my deployment zone is impassable. This becomes relevant.

His first turn fire was decent, wrecking one 'Baal', immobilizing a Rhino, and stunning the other 'Baal'. You can see above how I was forced to swing out to the left around the stunned tank and the impassible tower. My immobilized Rhino blocked the other way.

The squad from the immobile Rhino disembark and charge into a Veteran squad.

Here you can see that Mephiston hitching a ride in the Devastators Razorback. My Devastators knocked down both Vendettas.

The frag cannon Furioso isn't great against an entirely mechanized foe, but you can see above I got hit on the side armour of two Chimeras and did some damage. The Furiosos real strength in this mission was forcing my opponent to pull units from the center back towards his lines to deal with him.

Mephiston hopped out and ate a Veteran squad in the upper left, while the Assault squad takes one out in the lower right. I blow the cannon off the Demolisher.

Here you can see the havoc the Furioso caused. Both of those disembarked units moved back a full twelve inches to get to him. Both the Furioso and the Drop Pod went on to explode with magnificent explosions, killing over half of the Veteran squad and breaking them.

They knock off the cannon, but it takes the Librarian
charging in with his Sanguine Sword to wreck it.

Mephiston bounds off and wrecks the Company Command Chimera.
My Assault squads start cleaning up the middle.

What remained of this unit after a round of rapid-fire plasma wrecked another Chimera.

Through cover and fortunate positioning, Mephisotn gets gets all the way into the IG deployment zone with three wounds remaining.

These five Cadians were the last Imperial Guardsmen near the middle,
and they didn't last long. Lamenter Objective.

Mephiston tears into the backfield, causing major disruptions. Uncontested Objective.

If you take care of business, you get to go home early. Lamenter Objective.

Here are the army lists we used:

Company Command Squad w/ 3*Meltaguns, Officer of the Fleet, Chimera
6*Sanctioned Psykers, Chimera
2*(Veterans w/ 3*Melta)
Veterans w/ 3*Melta, Chimera)
3*(Veterans w/ 3*Plasmaguns, Chimera)

Librarian w/ Sword, Shield
Furioso w/ Frag Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Searchlight, Drop Pod
8*Assault Marines w/ Meltagun, Power Fist, Rhino
2*(10*Assault Marines w/ 2*Meltaguns, Power Fist, Rhino)
2*('Baal' Predator w/ Assault Cannon)
2*Land Speeder Typhoon w/ Heavy Flamer
5*Devastators w/ 4*Missle Launchers
5*Devastators w/ 4*Missle Launchers, Razorback

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Euan said...

I like the nice colour match between your Lamenters'colour scheme and the Newky Brown bottle top. Cool objective markers and a very nice looking army.