Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Flesh King of Ib

The Flesh King of Ib …file ref. Kry64/795/11-183/2W…
…source: Ord Xenos archive…
…input: Ib/ lost contact
…979. M41

Extracted from the suppressed report
of Deathwatch Brother Callisthenes

>>> It appears initial concerns were warranted here on Ib, as scanning reveals no sign of life around the planet’s primary agricultural center. On closer inspection, the various hablocs show no sign of battle damage, but not one single citizen remains. I have sent out Brothers Dragus and Proxenus in the Stormhawk to investigate the closest settlements.

>>>Dragus and Proxenus reported back with similar findings from the surrounding settlements.  Brothers Tarvil and Altenas have detected an undocumented Xenos structure in the swamps to the south of the city. Its type is undistinguishable, but I believe it will start to answer some questions for us.

>>>By the Emperor and Guilliman! I know not what foul Xenos or daemonic treachery caused it, but we found some of the citizenry! They stood, though they were not alive. They were but a rotten, charnel mess. They sprung upon us at the edge of the swamp, their pallid form belying their unholy vigor. Proxenus was dragged down before we could make good our escape, but we were able to secure a specimen. Brother Tallstone has disappeared into the swamps; probably with that damnable hound of his.
>>>We have discovered the culprit on Ib. On first pass the specimen appeared to be a regular corpse, with its most significant damage coming from our weaponry. It was in the analysis of the fluid of the spinal cord when we finally saw them. Necron nanotechnology! Mind shackle scarabs swarmed the specimen’s nervous system. They had been controlling their host after he had already died, probably of starvation; this one and the other seventy five million on the planet.

>>>It seems that the Xenos structure in the swamp is of Necron origin. I don’t believe this planet could be a Tomb World, probably just a way station of some sort. We have determined we must investigate and eliminate the structure before evacuating the surface. We will teleport in with Stormhawk support, complete an analysis, and destroy the structure with melta-charges and heavy weaponry. May the Emperor protect our souls.                                                                                        
 /// input:source/end

As you can read, the situation on Ib is grim. The loss of its tithes is significant, as three systems are tied to its production. A new population can be sequestered, but only once the Xenos threat is stamped out. Unfortunately, all contact was lost with Brother Callisthenes and his Kill Team, so our options are limited. Meanwhile reports of Necron raids are increasing in all surrounding sectors. If this situation is not reigned in we could be dealing with a much more serious sector-wide issue.
Inquisitor Nasir

/addendum: Further research has revealed Ib to be the hidden Throneworld to the Nomarch of the Etriauk Dynasty, Overlord Tezem. The Eldar call him the Flesh King and say that all living beings are but puppets to him. He seems to have taken a particular interest in reanimating the dead and his shambolic hordes have been encountered in all warzones. In light of this revelation I hereby request immediate Astartes support. By the Emperor’s Will.

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