Monday, June 30, 2014

The List, pt II "This Time It's Personal."

So back in November I published 'The List' for the first time, a running log of all the models I paint, both for commission and personal use. The last one ran from around May-November, meaning this one is a little late, but about a year total for the two lists combined So here is Nov.-Jun.:

Dghengo (1) - Done
Chaos Space Marines (10) - Done
Terminators (5) - Done
Zufor (1) - Done
Noise Marines (7) - Done
Immortals (10) - Done
Scythes (2) - Done
Beetle (1) - Done
Master Forgefiend (1)- Done
Tech Levy (16) - Done
Ashen Circle (5) - Done
Meganobz (5) - Done
Jetbike Master (1) - Done
Battlewagon - Done
Kor/Erebus (2) - Done
Noise Marines (10) - Done
Killbotz Display Board (1) - Done
Magos (1) - Done
AM Adsecularis (10) - Done
Icarian Thallax (3) - Done
Scarabs (9) -Done
Azog (foot & mounted) (2) -Done
Yazneg (On Foot and Mounted) (2) -Done
Thranduil, King of Mirkwood (1) - Done
Gwaihir (1) - Done
Elrond (mounted and on foot) (2) -
Thror (1) - Done
Legolas Greenleaf (1) - Done
Tauriel (1) - Done
Mirkwood Rangers (10) - Done
Knights of Rivendell (6) - Done
Mechanicum Knight (1) - Done
Mirkwood Captains (2) - Done
Cyber Mastiff (1) - Done
Drow Ranger (1) - Done
Drow Party (5) - Done
Rampagers (5) - Done
SM Bikes (5) - Done
Relic Hunters (7) - Done
Rampagers (11) - Done
Contemptors (2) -Done
Tacticals (10) -Done
Praetors/Consuls (4) -Done
Red Butchers (10) -Done
Hive Tyrants (2) -Done
FW Avatar (1) - Done
Crones (3) - Done
Jetbike Warlocks (8)-Done
Farseer (1)- Done
Baharoth (1) - Done
Tacticals (10)- Done
Rhinos (2)- Done
Grave Wardens (5) - Done
Typhon (1) - Done
Vigilator (1) -Done
Contemptor (1) -Done
Tacticals (10) - Done
Achilles (1) - Done
Hive Tyrant (1) - Done
Harpies (2) - Done
Spartan (1)- Done
Megaboss (1) - Done
Display Board- Done
Bike Details (15) - Done
Kharn/Moritat (2)- Done
Dynat (1) - Done
Destroyers (5) - Done
Warp Spiders (8) - Done
Cron Objectives (6) - Done
Assault Squad (5)- Done
GK Terminators (5)- Done
Missle Launcher Marines (2)- Done
Predator Angrinator (1) -Done
Phoenix Terminator (3) -Done
Cron Warriors (5) - Done
GK Terminators (5)- Done
Saboteur (1) - Done
Spawn (5) -Done
Tyranofexi (2) - Done
Mawloc (1) - Done
AM Adsecularis (10) - Done
Night Scythe (1)- Done
Overlord (1) - Done
Barge (1) - Done

~295 Infantry
~30 Vehicles/Monstrous Creatures

So that is about 600 Infantry and 50 big things in the year, not bad...


Xaereth said...

Wow, that's enough models for sure, haha! I've been fairly active, though not as much as you. I'd estimate my own output at around 1/3 where yours are, though I haven't painted any for commission yet :-/

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Rushputin said...

That's a lot. Great job!

And I can't talk any smack about keeping track about what you've painted: I log all of that stuff in a spreadsheet that goes back to 2010 and is big enough it makes Google choke on calculations. ( )