Sunday, January 13, 2008

Battleforge 'Eavy Tournament 1/13/08

After yesterdays mega-battle I still managed to have enough time/energy to get down to the first tournament of the new Battleforge season. I brought my Mech Eldar army (the list is in a post below) to see how I could fare. I'll do a rundown...

Round 1 v. Sean's Nidzilla

I had played Sean many times before in the local tourney scene, but this is the first time we were matched at round 1, as opposed to a final round, winner take all situation. The primary objective was enemy lines. Through a few key immobilizations Sean managed to box me into my deployment zone while he advanced. Foryunately i had one unit of Pathfinders with a pretty clear line to his deployment zone, so they legged it. They managed to kill the one unit of Genestealers opposing them to get me a unit in his zone, while the fact that his monsters were so slow only allowed him to get one in on me. This meant no one got primary. I didn't get any objectives, while he got secondary, tertiary, and the 2 bonus points (one of them due to my Farseer killing himself).

My total points: 5 (painting 5/5)

Round 2 vs. Bullymikes Tiefwalder IG

Well first off you can see a pretty good account of the game here

I was able to get a really strong flank move going on in this game, with my Harlequins and Fire Dragons performing like champs. To be fair his heavy weapons really didn't seem to get as many glances as they should have. Thankfuly they performed as they needed to on the last turn when I turned my most expensive Falcons rear armour towards his last remaining unit to bag us both alot of battle points. :)
So I managed to pull off max points here.

My total points: 34 (another 5 on painting, and a bonus 2 for winning the knowledge quiz)

Round 3 v. Daniels Mech Tau

THis was a really good game in my opinion. The primary objective was loot counters, the secondary was table quarters, and the tertiary was having scoring units in cover at the end of the game. I have played very few games against Tau and their power surprises me every time I play against them. The roll for deployment zone was really important in this one, and I managed to pick a quarter with three of the four objectives in it. We tentatively shot each other for the first few rounds until stuff really started to heat up. I managed to get my Harlequins into the meat of his infantry which were guarding the one objective in his zone. We really beat each other up in this one, but I managed to get him down to one scoring unit, taking the primary and secondary. I pulled out 19 points in this one.

My total points: 58 (5 for painting again)

And that was good enough for 2nd place. Thomas got first with his big bugs, giving Sean a real beat down in the final round so I hear. And it was Thomas' birthday, good for him :)

For my prize I got a box of Tyranid Warriors for the expanding army. You'll see them soon....


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

We still need to play sometime. What days are good for you?

And the final game with Sean was brutal due to how many armor saves he failed on his dakka fexes. Killing two big bugs in the first turn with just dakka and then blowing up genestealers with templates that never missed will lose you the game. I had a really good second game versus Daniel too and Tau keep showing that there is a lot of power in their list.

Aventine said...

Well I work in the evenings MOnday through Friday, but anytime on Saturdays or Sundays are great for me...

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Maybe a Saturday afternoon. I get off of work at 4 and it depends on what is going on etc with me, but maybe that or Sunday. You wanna play orks right? I need to put together the squad of lootas, but it should be good to go then.