Monday, January 14, 2008

Tutorial: Hivefleet Calavera

So I have had a few people ask, so I though I'd knock out a tutorial for my new Nid paint scheme.

Step 1: First off I undercoat the model. I undercoat 100% by hand using basic paints. Some people say you need true 'primer' but in my expierience there is no real difference.

Step 2: Next I paint the black sections with Bestial Brown. Even at this stage you have to start the underwork for the striated carapace. Basically you just paint it on in lines. All the white parts are given a coat of Blazing Orange, mixed with a heavy dose of Gloss Medium. Also the tongue and tubes are hit with a little Red Gore.

Step 3: For the next step I use my 'rust wash'. This is made of a 1:1 mix of black and brown ink, with two drops each of Bestial Brown and Blazing Orange, and a small drop of dishwashing liquid. This is used to wash the orange areas. The striations are continued with Kommando Khaki. The Red Gore sections are washed with Purple Ink.

Step 4: I almost finish off the striated carapace with Bleached Bone at this stage. The washed orange is highlighted up with Fiery Orange, again with a heavy mix of Gloss Medium. The tongue and tubes are re-highlighted with Red Gore.

Step 5: Only the details left at this point. I completely finish the carapace with a small edging of Skull White. The eyes are painted Hawk Turquoise. And voila.

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