Saturday, March 1, 2008

Battleforge Team Tournament 3/1

So Nick (see last tournaments round 3) and I decided to team up for the team tournament this weekend. It used Adepticons force org. and we made a pretty killer combo of Eldar + Black Templars with Witch Hunter allies (Doom and Divine Guidance are really nice together). So lets break it down.

Round 1 v. Robert's Chaos and Bobby's Blood Angels

Our first opponents had a pretty nice combo with 6 Oblits, a Lash Sorcerer, lesser demons, + Mephiston and a mess of assault marines. This one had alot of ups and downs. The Oblits got an immobilization on the Land Raider Crusader first turn, but some Doom assisted shooting managed to even the score for us (netting the Death Company and a couple Assault squads). The Emperor's Champ managed to kill Mephiston and the Templars managed to win the major scrum with the Blood Angels. We were able to claim all the objectives.

Round 2 v. Sam's Chaos and Travis' Orks

This picture pretty well describes this one. Turn two saw us killing seventy models with Doom+Divine Guidance. Props to Sam's Terminators for dowing Falcons. Full points for us.

Round 3 v. Mike B.'s Orks and Daniel's Chaos

This game was pretty gnarly. They popped the Crusader with a lucky first turn charge and the Templars were left walking. Luckily Snikrot obliged and they got in combat fast anyway. Daniel's Demon Prince just would not die for the longest time but the Emperor's Champ was finally able to git' em' (although my Dire Avengers did do two wounds to him). They managed to down one of the Falcons and kill my Fire Dragons but overall our losses were fairly minimal. Another big time win for the home team (we got put at the one board first round and didn't give it up all day)...

I got a Wraithlord for the Eldar. Once thats painted up I'll have a really fun alternate list, switching out the Falcon full of Harlies for a Wraithlord and a big squad of Spiders. Sweet.


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Damn, I wish I was there. Poop on it. hehe.

Capt Tyranus said...

Witch hunters allied with Xeno Witches.

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves....

And how did you manage to kill so many greenskins in one turn. Even with guide and doom, that's a lot of bodies to hit and kill.

Good touranament report by the way.

Aventine said...

Thanks Frank.

The Eldar tricked them, you know, tricksy Eldar... :)

Two Sisters units with three flame templates each (flamer, heavy flamer, brazier on the superior) combined with doom did a number. Not to mention all the multi-shot grav-tanks. Having a Marine squad fall off the board helped too.