Thursday, February 24, 2011

3rd Co. Command Squad, ' Scions of Aphennia'

The Command squad of the 3rd Co. has been known as the 'Scions of Aphennia' since M.37. The original Brothers of the squad were instrumental in liberating the Cardinal world of Aphennia from the rule of an insidious cult of the Alpha Legion. In reward the weapons and banner of the unit were blessed by an Abbess of the Sisterhood.
The current make-up of the unit includes Brother Juvellus, Bearer of the Standard, Calix Initiate Tunis, Knight Champion Reccared, Brother Fotis, the Strong, and Shield Bearer Jordanes. Unusually, though they are the 3rd Co. Command squad, they are most often accompanied by Captain Eurico, of the 1st Co.


Max said...

Just wanted to mention that I really enjoy these little fluff bits... and the models don't look half bad either!

Keep up the good work!

Zenos said...

Good work on those. The romanesque style helm is an add on? or something i am just unaware of?

TMiles001 said...

The roman style helm is from Cato Sicarius I believe (hence the Ultramarines symbol in the centre).

Matt Landau said...

Clever use of your old Captains, bro. Lovin' the squad.