Friday, February 11, 2011

From the Tables... The Fortuna Massacre

In 927.M41 Lamenters crusade forces received a distress signal from the Agri-world Fortuna. Captain Eurico of the 1st Company led his personal Strike Force, and was accompanied by the newly commissioned Sepulchre Guard Xeras. When they arrived they found a planet with a missing populace. As they explored through ruined hab-locs they realized they had stumbled into a trap. A half dozen lithe, bloody white vessels broke from the smoke and battle was joined. The orbiting Strike Cruiser 'Teros' sent reinforcements to the battle via teleporter and Drop Pod, but they did not arrive in time to save the landing force with only Eurico and the Sepulchre Guard surviving. With Eurico mortally injured, his soul leeching from his body, Ancient Viridian took command of the rear guard while the surviving Marines escaped Fortuna.

Sepulchre Guard Xeras spear-headed the assault...

Assault Squad Rigio was subdued by the toxins of the Wyches of the Scalpel Cult..

Captain Eurico and Librarian Jordanes attempt to secure an advantageous position,
but are both fed to the Archons Soul Trap. Eurico, his life escaping from him,
was spirited away by his Brothers.

The Lamenters are unable to wipe out the Xenos filth, many
brothers fall, and they taste defeat as they escape the planet.


Matt Landau said...

God damn, how'd that Archon get them both that quick?

I'm assuming a Shadow Field? (2+ Invul)

Andrew said...

dude, helmets on your Sanguinary Guard look AWESOME!!

where'd you buy them, or how did you make them?