Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tactical Squad Alghiri

Veteran Sergeant Alghiri was originally inducted from one of the royal families of Durin Secundus in 849.M41. Despite becoming a Space Marine, Alghiri always retained his regal tone and manner. Squad Alghiri is one of the reserve units of Strike Force Iltempus; perhaps this is because Alghiri's demeanor can often be taken as condescending, and this does not sit well with superiors. But if he truly is arrogant, it is well-deserved, his unit is the most decorated reserve squad in all the Strike Forces. Sergeant Alghiri himself was awarded a Bronze Eagle for his bravery during the Battle of Optera.


GDMNW said...

Looks awesome!

Good job, yellow is a horrid colour to paint. Totally impressed with these guys.

Lamenter said...

Nice work!

You don't often see helmet stripes these days. The yellow is perfect for Lamenters, not to bright, not too dark.