Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Blast from the Past, Lost and the Damned Goatmen

I found these in a box and they took me back. They are part of my unit of 25 goat-headed mutants I used in my Lost in the Damned army circa 2006 or so. It has little relevance, but I also found my old 1850 list from back then, crazy...

The Royal House of Lord Alphonis
1st Head of the Aventine Shadow Crusades (Alpha Legion Cell A3.93//)

ALLIED Daemon Prince Quentis Augustine Alphonis, Chainfist, Terminator Armour, Spiky Bitz, Bionics, Ether Lance, Daemonic Rune, Daemonic Mutation, Daemonic Essence 230

Operative Marach(Lieutenant-), Power Weapon, Infiltration, Pistol, Frag Grenade 77

ALLIED The Bohemian Guard 5*Chosen Terminators , 2*Chainfists, 1*Power Fist, 1*Reaper Autocannon, 2*Champio, 2*CCWs, Spiky Bitz, Furious Charge, Counter-attack 278

De Rojo Mano, 25*Burly Mutants , Champion , 2* Flamers
Power Weapon 251

Los Insaniatas, 16*Armoured(nurglesque) Mutants , 2* Flamers Champion ,
Combi-bolter 163

Unit 1.1,9*Traitors , Missile Launcher , Agitator , Chaos Hound 109

Unit 1.2, 9*Traitors , Lascannon, Agitator, Chaos Hound 114

ALLIED The Disciples of Avenbrook, 20*Cultists , Assassins (free), Champion , Power Weapon 135

ALLIED Sub Cell A3.93.4//, 10*Chaos Space Marines , Infiltrate , Plasma Gun , Aspiring Champion , Teleport Homer 178

Heavy Support
‘Modeste’ Leman Russ Battle Tank , Lascannon, Improved Comms,
Track Guards 190

‘The Captain Ryan’ Basilisk , Indirect Fire 125


Warflake said...

Awesome! I vaguely remember these. Great little minis. Shame they didn't stick around. Great paint jobs by the way.

daKING said...

so many grudge matches between these guys and my IG... quite the blast from the past.


suneokun said...

When an upgrade is titled 'spikey bits' you know it's a win... the loss of lost and damned (alike to Genestealer cults) is much mourned. If only 40k could produce a 'generic' crossover list...


The possibilities are much much healthier... damn you GW strictures!

phoenix83 said...

I could not agree more. surely more variant lists like the craftworlds and lotd could only be good for the hobby as a whole?

Joel said...

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