Monday, January 31, 2011

Assault Squad Iberios

The members of Iberios' unit were all once members of the almost destroyed 8th Company. Veteran Sergeant Iberios now stands as the highest ranking member of the Company and stands as a likely candidate for Captaincy when, and if, the Company is reformed. Assigned to Strike Force Iltempus, his unit remains somewhat isolated from the rest of their Brothers (who mostly come from the 2nd). A devout Sanguinarian, Iberios has encountered The Lamenter over half a dozen times, more than anyone in the Chapter. This only helps to illustrate what trials he and his squad have been through; the destruction of the 8th on Optera, the Fall of Malvolion, the Devlan evacuations, Jakarra, where Iltempus struck out at the Kabal of the Rubied Blade. He encourages his men to use personal heraldry and weaponry freely, as a celebration of their fallen comrades of the 8th. Iberios is often gripped by the Red Thirst, but he is still aggressive, verging on foolhardy, even when right of mind. Knowing the mind of his Brother, Eurico always gives the majority of front-line assignments to Iberios and his men.


Zenos said...

Love it! Like your ideas on the 8th Company and the wipe out idea for a single squad to remain. Might be stealing that idea myself.

Love your work on the sgt too from a modeling perspective. Emeperor's Champion?

My only question is.. do you love bald heads? Everyone seems bald or have you decided they are all clean shaven heads as a Chapter trait?

Aventine said...

Thanks! Feel free to steal, like I said. He is indeed based off the Emperor's Champ, with some swaps off the Masters of the Chapter kit.

As for the bald heads, I don't know, I guess that's how I always think of Space Marines...

Anonymous said...

Looking GREAT Aventine!

I like the use of Berzerker parts mixed in, it's actually quite subtle and doesn't ruin the effect of the crisp SM look.