Monday, January 31, 2011

Assault Terminator Squad Terranos

Terranos' unit, known as the "Chalice Holders," earned their Honor Suits during the Kralos Prime Incursion, where Terranos himself witnessed the fall of 5th Company Captain Naxos. Veteran Terranos, a mountain of a man, is perhaps the the most fearsome Lamenter in the Chapter. He was awarded the Brass Halo for his combat prowess against the heretics of Laurentis II. The unit is allowed to pick their own armament, and half the unit generally follows their Sergeants example, going to battle with a pair of lightning claws. But perhaps Terranos is best known for, at one time, being a close confidant to a now fallen Captain named Forsythe.


Zenos said...

I noted the Kralos Prime Incursion.:) I am honored.

Aventine said...

Shout out!