Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Calix Salim

Brother Salim is the most battle-decorated Calix in the entire Lamenters Chapter. As personal attendant to the Sepulchery Guard of Chaplain Xeras, Salim has fought in the most fierce battles of his Chapter. He was awarded the Bloodied Fist during the Corinth Crusade, and was presented with one of the unique jump packs of the Sanguinary Guard by his brothers-in-arms.


Zenos said...

Interesting design. What was the idea behind it? I can see the red arm, have you decided on a certain scheme for your Calix in general as red armed?

The helmet even though I cannot see the front is that the one with the Chalice in the centre?

Sorry for so many technical questions... about the model, just interested in how you put things together and your thought process compared to mine.

Oh and snap for same week Calix finishes... LOL. :)

Aventine said...

Hah, I actually painted this one after seeing yours, go figure.
The red arm is mentioned in his description, and represents his Bloodied Fist honorific.

It is the Chalice helmet. I find that chests, backpacks, and heads with such symbols make passable Blood Chalices...