Friday, January 21, 2011

Malakim Phoros

Master of the Lamenters, Lord of Ruin, Watcher of the Deeps

937.M41 Long thought dead, Malakim Phoros is reunited with Lamenters forces after nearly thirty years navigating through the Maelstrom. It is quickly decided that he should retake the mantle of Chapter Master, though no one in the Calix Priesthood was able to determine how he hadn't yet fallen to the Black Rage.


Finally got Malakim done. He is based off the Gabriel Seth model. I replaced Blood Reaver with a Nemesis Force Weapon from a Grey Knight Terminator for his Glaive Encarmine. I liberated a wrist-mounted Infernus from a Sanguinary Guard model for Catechist, his strangely unspecial named piece of equipment. I got inspiration from a guy on B&C for bit placement to cover his Tearer bits. Note the bloody tears, now that's a Lamenter.


Dan said...

Is he a character from the badab war book?

Nice looking conversion.

Zenos said...

Nicely done conversion. I get the impression you were less than impressed with our special character as well and the lack of anything really great with the weapon detail or ability. ( I certainly am, I was sure we would get something more unique that may have sparked off more interest in the chapter for other players)

I do like your take on him and the fact you have made me off a difficult figure in metal. Well done man.