Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New AKON List -Shifting with the Meta-

So I made my list a bit more solid and removed the Stormravens completely. But what came out of it is I think a pretty nasty list of its own. It's not really like anything I've played before, but I don't think that is a bad thing in this case...

2000 Points-
made changes now, more refined I think

Librarian w/ Shield of Sanguinius, Fear the Darkness 100

Terminator Assault Squad w/ 4*Thunder Hammers
in Land Raider Redeemer, Multi-Melta, Extra Armour 485

10*Assault Marines w/ 2*Meltaguns, Power Fist
in Land Raider, Extra Armour 465

10*Assault Marines w/ 2*Meltaguns, Meltabomb, Rhino 230

Honorguard w/ 4*Plasmaguns, Meltabomb, Rhino 230

'Baal' Predator w/ Flamestorm 115

'Baal' Predator w/ Flamestorm 115

5*Devastators w/ 4*Missles 130

5*Devastators w/ 4*Missles 130


BoxerSaint said...

Why are you running the Devs with rhinos, since only two can shoot out of the top of it? Just wondering because I've also thought about running Devs with Rhinos, but was wondering what your thoughts were behind it.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I think you are grasping at straws. GK dominate within 24" like no other army before them. I really don't think BA can beat halberd/psycannon GKs. Plain and simple. Of course, BA will literally beat GKs, but what I mean, all things being equal, skill, dice, lists, scenerio, etc. BA just don't have the tools.

My problem with the LR is it flies in the face of optimization. The weakness to GKs is their cost, range, and number of attacks in CC, not their ability to take down AV14.

I guess if your AV14 is full of maxed out cheap troops, then you can do push around GKs. But who builds BA list like that. Most have point heavy SCs, priests, and special weapon filled squads.

GK highlight a problem with transports. They are filled with slow, small squads. I would take large jump pack squads with tons of normal attacks. Get in fast, and deliver 5 attacks per dude or whatever BA can swing. It kills me to see BA players trying to mimic SW GH mech spam.

steveNspace said...

Woo! I think you will like using the plasma honor guard if you haven't already. They are a lot of fun.