Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Strikeforce Helios

*This is a little fluff bit for the army I'm taking to this weekend's Alamo GT. You can see the actual list here*

In 988.M41 Chapter Master Malakim Phoros commissioned a Strikeforce to be assembled under the augury of Codicier Sygovax, one of his trusted advisers. The Strikeforce was charged with giving the Lamenters a presence in the Alamnos sector, where great turmoil was brewing. An area of wild space deep on the Eastern fringe, Alamnos appeared ready to break out in chaotic bloodshed. In the galactic north of the sector a small warp rift left attack by Daemons and Chaos Space Marine warbands an ever present danger, while at the same time a Tyranid Splinter fleet intersected the sector from below the galactic plane. The smell of war drew roving Ork warbands from all around, while hosts of Eldar looked to protect future interests. All the while every Imperial world in the sector fully mobilized their Planetary Defense Forces, and every Space Marine Chapter with forces in the area responded.

Sygovax was allowed to personally choose every unit for the Strikeforce, from anywhere within the Chapter. First and foremost he chose the council of a pair of Ancients, both Viridian, Master of the Depths, and brooding Tyrus. He also asked Veteran Crixus, and his unit of Honor Suits, to do battle at his side. Because the exact location of battle would be unknown, he knew speed would be of utmost importance, and thus requested two Stormraven Gunships from the Chapter Armoury. Sygovax then commissioned every Assault squad of Strikeforce Iltempus to join his Strikeforce Helios, and received squads Ignacio, Rigio, Volare, and Venturos. With his force assembled on the Gladius class frigate Storm Eye, Sygovax headed to the Alamnos sector.

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