Sunday, July 31, 2011


I'm moving from Austin to Portland, Oregon this coming month. Let me know if any of you are from my new area, we can get in a game!


The Lord of Excess said...

I grew up in Oregon and lived there until the late 90s. Portland is a cool place and there are certainly alot of geeks and gamers there. Good luck! I'm sure you'll have a solid gaming crew in no time.

Anonymous said...

Depending on where you end up in town, your best bets are Guardian Games (just east of the river) on Wednesdays, Knightfall Games out in Beaverton, Red Castle Games on SE Foster, or Ancient Wonders in Tualatin. I believe there's a new store in Vancouver WA if you end up north of the Columbia, too. Hit up the Ordo Fanaticus forums at to connect with the biggest (or at least most organized) group of 40k players in the area.

Jake M Masin said...

I used to live in McMinnville, just 50min South of Portland. Check out Borderlands Games in downtown Salem, one of the best gaming store in the state handsdown.
Just moved to Eugene, but will head to Salem often.