Monday, July 18, 2011

WAR Games Con Game V v. Chaos Daemons

So this past weekend was WAR Games Con here in Austin, Texas and, like I posted last, I decided to break out my old Craftworld Eldar. You can see the list I played here. After Day 1 I sat at 76 points, two shy of the top bracket, unfortunately.

Game V
Random Game Length

Primary: Seize Ground (3)
Secondary: Capture and Control
Tertiary: Have more total units in opponents deployment zone then they have in yours.

Game 5 I played against Matt and his Daemons, who had been my Game 3 opponents teammate when we played in the Doubles Tournament. All told, this meant I faced 72 Fiends in 3 days, here is his list:
Keeper of Secrets w/ stuff
Herald w/ Legion, Chariot, Bolt
The Masque
5*Horrors w/ Bolt
5*Horrors w/ Bolt
5*Horrors w/ Bolt
5*Horrors w/ Bolt, Icon, Changeling
Heavy Support
Daemon Prince w/ Mark of Nurgle, Noxious Touch, Flight, Iron Hide, Cloud of Flies, Breath
Daemon Prince w/ Mark of Tzeentch, Bolt, Breath
Daemon Prince w/ Mark of Tzeentch, Bolt, Gaze

Matt gave me first turn, so I deployed and circled the wagons (seen below)
He got the wrong wave and deployed his Daemon Princes and Horrors to begin with. I should have focused on killing his few scoring units with my whole army, but instead I killed the big stuff. His Horrors then capitalized on their shooting and crippled one of my Avenger units. His Fiends came in and we started to played tag. Fire Dragons charged in and killed his Tzeentch Herald.

My Jetbikes reserved in turn 2 and finally found something they are better than in combat.
After about three turns Matt finally manages to knock down a tank. Eldrad and the other Avengers are charged by Fiends.
Matt's Keeper of Secrets doesn't come in until turn 5, and I dance around some more. We draw the first two and Matt gets Tertiary by knocking down a Wave Serpent in the bottom of turn 7.
12/30. boo. I did make this fun little score/contest move though...

Post Game Analysis: As I said before, I should have focused on the scoring units early, and I should have focused on getting to the objectives faster. I got charged by all three Fiend units multiple turns, their is no reason for that with my mobility. Matt played a great game, forcing me into hard choices all the time.

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Xaereth said...

Heh, I'm jealous of you getting to play demons twice in a tournament. I haven't played against demons in a tournament for months (maybe even years?)

Still, the list(s) have looked solid so far, and dealing with 18 fiends plus everything else is definitely a pain, especially for Eldar, whose offensive output is kind of limited, in favor of maneuverability etc.

Good reports though, :)