Monday, July 4, 2011

WargamesCon Army

So I decided to break out my old Mech Eldar for this years WargamesCon. I think they are pretty decent in the prevailing tournament metagame (not to mention a good match-up vs. this years army darling, Grey Knights). I went with a mix of units I am comfortable using, and even painted up some Jetbikes for extra objective grabbing power, and a couple new Wave Serpents. Theese were the first additions to the army in years. I haven't really gotten to test the army, but I am very comfortable with Mech Eldar, having played them for many years.


Wildeyedjester said...

Looking good. Also bringing Eldar this year for some of the same reasons!

Duke said...

Interesting choice bringing your Eldar... I like it though. See you in a couple days.