Thursday, July 14, 2011

WAR Games Con Game II v. Imperial Guard

So this past weekend was WAR Games Con here in Austin, Texas and, like I posted last, I decided t0 break out my old Craftworld Eldar. You can see the list I played here.

Game II
Random Game Length

Capture and Control
Secondary: Seize Ground (3)
Tertiary: Kill least expensive unit
(Platoon Command Squad)

So Game 2 I played against Matt and his nasty mechanized Imperial Guard list:

Company Command Squad x5 - Plasmagun x4
- Company Commander - Plasma Pistol
- Astropath
- Chimera - Heavy flamer
Company Command Squad x5 - Plasmagun x4
- Company Commander - Plasma Pistol, Melta bombs
- Chimera - Heavy flamer

Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad x5 - Flamer x4
- Chimera - Heavy flamer
Infantry Squad x10 - Flamer, Autocannon
- Chimera - Heavy flamer
Infantry Squad x10 - Flamer, Autocannon
- Chimera - Heavy flamer
Special Weapons Squad x6 - Flamer, Meltagun x2
Special Weapons Squad x6 - Flamer, Meltagun x2
Veteran Squad - Meltagun x3
- Chimera - Heavy flamer
Veteran Squad - Meltagun x3
- Chimera - Heavy flamer

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
Hydra battery x2

Matt gets first turn and deploys on my left flank as seen below. Their is a very large LOS blocking building in the middle of the table. I opt to go all reserves. Both of our Capture and Control objectives are close to our board edges in the corner.

Matt swung most of his tanks around one side of the building, with two going to the other side. Thanks to my Autarch most of my army comes in turn 2, taking up positions out of LOS behind the building and the cacti seen below. Those Hydras really scared me.

On his turn 3 he managed to knock out one of my Fire Dragon Wave Serpents, who in turn explode an Infantry squad Chimera. I unwisely put one Falcon ahead, closer inside the ruin, and it gets wrecked, with my least expensive unit (Dire Avengers) in it.

My advance on the left, towards his objective, gets stalled, when a Wave Serpent goes down. My other Dragons get bogged down in assault after wrecking a Chimera.
The battle for my objective was pretty epic, with both Vendettas going in for the contest. A lucky glance from a Pulse Laser takes out the first one, while the other wrecked itself 'flat-outing' onto the first one. We had a little argument about whether he could grav-chute out after wrecking with a flat out (apparently you can...).

Eldrad stopped this other Chimera from contesting my home objective, and contested this one after seeing off an Infantry squad. Fortune and a 3++ works pretty well.

I had enough tanks to contest the other two as well...

So I drew Capture and Control 1-1, drew Seize Ground 0-0, and didn't get the Tertiary, as that Platoon Command squad never came out of his deployment zone. 12/30 points.

Post Game Analysis: Once my main push on his objective failed I was playing for the draw. He had too many tanks for me to wreck, and he didn't have enough high S shots either it seems. It was reassuring to see that the army could handle that kind of army, as it didn't really exist the last time I was playing this force. This middling game would get me out of the top tables and into a Daemon army!


BoxerSaint said...

Good report. Sounds like a close game. Did his Medusa or Manticore cause much damage? I look forward to reading about your other games.

Also, his Platoon Command Squad, decked out with 4 Flamers, would only have been 50 points. The Chimeras are 55 points.

Anonymous said...

I have played against matt before and he is one tough player! I was fortunate to win against him in a tourney a year ago, but only after he had some bad dice in the last half of the game and the game going 7 turns other wise matt had me dead as I stood. Glad you faired against him, but like I said he is tough and puts constant pressure on you.