Friday, July 15, 2011

WAR Games Con Game III v. Chaos Daemons

So this past weekend was WAR Games Con here in Austin, Texas and, like I posted last, I decided t0 break out my old Craftworld Eldar. You can see the list I played here.

Game III
Pitched Battle
Random Game Length

Secondary: Seize Ground (3)
Tertiary: Control more Terrain features

Game 3 I played against Dan (from Hogs of War) and his mixed Daemon army.I played a fun game against Dan and his friend the day before in the doubles tournament, his list looked like this:

Lord Of Change
The Masque
Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot w/ Legion, Bolt
6*Fiends w/ 1*Unholy Might
6*Fiends w/ 1*Unholy Might
6*Fiends w/ 1*Unholy Might
5*Horrors w/ Bolt
5*Horrors w/ Bolt
5*Horrors w/ Bolt
5*Horrors w/ Bolt
Heavy Support
Daemon Prince w/ MoT, Flight, Iron Hide, Bolt, Breath, Gaze
Daemon Prince w/ MoN, Flight, Iron Hide, Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch, Breath

I win the roll off and make Dan go first, I go all reserves. Here is his initial drop after he got the wave he wanted. You can also see the three Seize Ground objectives. His Nurgle DP is out of frame to the lower right.
Both my Fire Dragon units come in to try and kill the Nurgle Prince, but are unable to deal the final wound to him. One unit pays for this error with their lives.
A couple of my other tanks zip up the right flank, and the Lord of Change lands right beside them. One of my three man bike squads goes up the extreme left and essentially takes a Fiend unit out of the battle.
His shooting fails to down any tanks an his Fiends are still a turn out. In my turn 2 I Doom the Tzeentch Prince and the Lord of Change, and show them what Bladestorm means, killing both. Small fire from my tanks kills the Masque.
Eldrad charges in and after a few rounds of combat finishes off the Nurgle Prince, and I manage to Bladestorm a Fiend unit. I kill his Herald from contesting to win the Secondary (1-0) and the Primary (KPs 6-5). We got a draw on the Tertiary. 26/30.


Post Game Analysis: Baiting the one unit of Fiends was essential, if I had to deal with all three, tanks would have started falling fast. Destroying his large Daemons fast was essential to trying to manage the objectives, and walling in the Fiends with my armour. It was a close game, but I felt pretty confident throughout.

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Dannato said...

Aventine, Thanks again for the great couple of games that weekend. Looking forward to coming down again next year.