Monday, February 6, 2012

From the Tables... The Skorvald Incursion

Got in a 1750 point game on Superbowl Sunday to practice for an upcoming tournament, the Guardian Cup. I played versus Blood Angels with Pitched Battle and 3 objective Seize Ground using my Chaos Daemons army. I don't know if I'll actually use Daemons for the tournament, but it was certainly fun to play with them for a game.

* * * * *

Blood Angel deployment, he also has first turn.

In 732.M48 the Shrine world of Skorvald was enveloped in a large warp storm originating from the Dalmas Rift, a nearby, naturally-occuring phenomena. As Skorvald tossed and skipped on the eddies of the Warp, it drew the attention of the Changer of Ways. Mutation spread throughout the populace. The people began to lose hope, and that was almost the end of it. Some amongst the inhabitants began to worship the Dark Gods, some fully embracing Tzeentch and the mutation, others towards bloody Khorne. Eventually these warring factions broke into civil war.
As this occured in the mortal plane, Tzeentch and Khorne began to observe from on high, and made a wager. They would each send their best followers to the planet, and the winner would attain the whole planet, as well as the loyalty of the losing survivors. Tzeentch sent his representatives, while Khorne sent ten of his most powerful Bloodthirsters and Daemon Princes. Khorne was so certain of their victory he did not worry about losing the loyalty of these most powerful Daemons. For thirty days and nights the Khornate Daemons fought the followers of Tzeentch on every face of the planet, and it was torn asunder.
Khorne proved dominant in most of these battles, so it was that only small cadre of Tzeentch Daemons remained when the Blood Angels arrived. Summoned by astropathic relay, but too late to save the populace, the Sons of Sanguinius struck to the planet with red fury, falling on the Daemons as they cavorted in the corpses of the fallen. Though they suffered heavy losses, the Blood Angels were able to push the Skorvald Incursion from real space, and secure the planet for future re-population.

My initial drop. I land three Bloodletter units (with Skulltaker), Fiends, and Horrors.

I dropped a bit too close and half my Bloodletters get Furious Charged away. Skulltaker kills Mephiston 9 times out of 10, but this time I failed two of four 2+ Invulnerables and die before I can Instant Kill him on a 4+.

This game was characterized by these brutal combat phases.

Here you can see the Fiends engaged with his Devastators. You can also see what is left of his initial charge into my Bloodletters.

Again I drop a bit too close, but it is where my Icon was. My Bloodthirster mishapped and died without doing anything (didn't use the Icon with him).

My beautiful newly arrived unit is wiped out without mercy.

My Daemon Princes land on his flanks and start taking out units with Breath and assault. They were definitely MVPs of my army.

The game went a full seven turns and this is how it ended, his last five scoring models charging in and killing the last unit in my army. He had ten models left. If Skulltaker had killed Mephiston and my Bloodthirster hadn't mishapped I feel like it could have been a very different game.

Here are the army lists we used:

2*Priests w/ Jump Pack, Power Weapon, Melta Bombs
4*(10*Assault Marines w/ 2*Meltaguns, Power Fist)
2*(5*Devastators w/ 3*Missles)
5*Devastators w/ 4*Missles

Bloodthirster w/ Blessing of Khorne
Herald of Tzeentch w/ Bolt
5*Fiends w/ Unholy Might
5*Horrors w/ Bolt, Changeling (who I forgot about)
5*Bloodletter w/ Icon
2*(Daemon Prince of Tzeentch w/ Bolt, Breath)

If I do end up using this army for the tournament I will be switching out the Heralds for a second Bloodthirster and switching the small Horrors and Bloodletter units for Plaguebearers, then maybe adding some Flesh Hounds or a third Prince. No way to really slice it, I just don't have the pieces for a fully competitive Daemon army.

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