Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tharas Kull, the Bound One

Tharas Kull, the Bound One, Two God, Puppethead

Tharas Kull is another member of Hans Kho'ren's grotesque menagerie of pyskers. Like any true follower of Khorne Kho'ren abhors sorcery and psykers, but as a commander he recognizes the strategic benefits of such things. Kull was once a member of the Word Bearers Legion, a powerful Sorcerer dedicated to Tzeentch. When the Skull Takers clashed with his Word Bearer's band, Kull was captured, and his patron Dark Apostle slain.
Kho'ren intensely distrusted the Word Bearer, but still wanted to find a way to utilize his power. Consulting with his Daemon Seers, Kho'ren determined the best course of action would be to possess Kull's body with a Bloodletter. The process worked, but from behind the veil of consciousness the real Kull hates his liege lord more than anything.

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