Friday, February 3, 2012

Varamyr's Slayers

The lowest dregs among the Skull Takers, Varamyr's Slayers have fought together as a unit in some form since the Siege of Terra. They only joined the Skull Takers and pledged loyalty to Hans Kho'ren in M.40, making them the newest additions to the warband. Before that the Slayers served the Chaos Lord Kossolax the Foresworn, but switched sides during the Battle of Ranos'tar.

Brother Varamyr

The leader of this unit has served under various Chaos Lords for the last ten thousand years. He was a Sergeant during the Siege of Terra and his original unit numbered twenty of the most crazed World Eaters Veterans. Through time the unit has become smaller and smaller, its mortally rate always surpassing its recruitment rate. Now the unit numbers only five Marines, two of which are original members; Varamyr himself, and Brother Edor.

Brother Edor

Though most World Eaters are known for their combat prowess if anything, Brother Edor was once known as one of the best marksmen in the Legion. This reputation has followed him through the aeons.


Chris said...

I love the old Raptor head.

Ron Saikowski said...

Nice work, the use of older bits makes for some interesting conversions. All in all, they look great.

Ron, From the Warp