Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grey Knights as Space Sharks commission tester...

Got an interesting request for a commission. It's a Grey Knights army that is going to be painted Space Shark-y. I was told to downplay the Grey Knights visuals and embellish with a little shark tooth freehand. I went with the RT era helmet stripe, because it's old school, and distracts from the psychic hood.

Couple pics from a tournament I played Saturday. I didn't do well but I had some really fun games.

A tight game against Sisters of Battle.

Blood Angels v. Lamenters!


Marsekay said...

Cant beat a bit of space sharks.
are you not doing them in the new sheme?
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RealGenius said...

Nice! I like the GK as Space Shark scheme.

Gigawatts said...

The RT Theme is more flavorful. I combined both schemes, myself. The red stripe is iconic to the Chapter. I tried going without it, but then they are just grey marines.

Since you have a flatish surface, you should paint shark teeth on the facemask of the helmet. Space Sharks look better the goofier/sharkier you get in my eyes. I "jumped the shark" and put fins on some of my Sharkfin (Deathwing).

Aventine said...

@ Gigawatts,
Yep, I totally have plans for helmet teeth on a decent amount of Sharks; the ones that don't have their arms blocking too bad.

Baconfat said...

I love the Space Shark commission test piece. Looks like a Shark should, old school stripe and all.