Friday, February 3, 2012

New Project: No One Expects the Inquisition

So I realized that with a few small additions I could use elements of my Lamenters army and IG army together in a Grey Knight list. I've resolved to make 19 Death Cult Assassin/Crusaders from Flagellants (going to give them Greek Hoplite helmets and power weapons) and get three sets of Dreadnought Autocannons. Only other thing I need is an Inquisitor to use an Coteaz, I'm thinking of going with one of the female ones. The rationale for the army would be a Lamenter Pentinent Strike Force pushed all the way to the end and then absorbed into an Inquisitors retinue. Here is the list I'm making:

Librarian w/ Stave, Quicksilver, Might of Titan, Shrouding, Warp Rift 205
Coteaz 100


Techmarine w/ Rad, Psychotroke 115
Techmarine w/ Rad, Psychotroke 115


5*Assassins, 3*Crusaders, Banisher w/ Eviscerator 150
6*Assassins, 3*Crusaders, Banisher w/ Eviscerator 165
5*Warriors w/ Razorback w/ Psybolt 70
5*Warriors w/ Razorback w/Assault Cannon, Psybolt 105
5*Warriors w/ 2*Melta, Rhino 80
5*Warriors w/ 2*Melta, Rhino 80

Fast Attack

Stormraven 205
Stormraven 205

Heavy Support

Psyfleman 135
Psyfleman 135
Psyfleman 135


suneokun said...

It's something I've looked at too. Combining Alpha Legion and Guard units is fun!

sandmanMike said...

Have you thought about looking into having some assassins designed ;)

Anonymous said...

Wargames Factory makes great greek hoplites in plastic. I bought a box ($20, I think) of 30 and use the bits for my guard army.

They come with a ton of weapons, shields and such.

- Eben