Sunday, February 19, 2012

Space Sharks RT Camo tester

So the Purifier unit in this army is going to be painted in the RT-era Space Sharks camo, this is the tester. I think a full ten will be pretty impressive.

Here is the scheme it is based on for those who may not know:


Not So Great Wolf said...

Looks cool!

Gigawatts said...

If you were a beautiful woman, I would take you out to a romantic dinner date.

In fact, by painting that good, I would take you out; male or female.

Ron Saikowski said...

That's a tough scheme to pull off, but I think you've got it there.
Nice work.

Ron, FTW

Bix said...

These Sharks are coming along very nicely and it's always good to see some nods to the old RT days.

As Ron says that cammo isn't the easiest of schemes, so good skills for doing such a fine job.